We observe and analyse the algorithms of social networks against disinformation

About Cross Over

We create dashboards for monitoring and analysing the recommendation algorithms of social networks. We monitor and investigate disinformation operations working with the media to expose malicious actors. That leads to the development of sustainable actions against disinformation.

Crossover brings together Faktabaari and CheckFirst, both of which specialise in developing solutions and methodologies to combat disinformation.
CrossOver operates in Finland and will monitor the spread of disinformation during both the Finnish Presidential and European elections of 2024.

CrossOver Media and Information Literacy

Algorithms influence our relationships, our consumption, our culture and especially the way we inform ourselves and perceive the world. But do we really know what they are, how they work, what economic or ideological logic underlies them and how to try to control them rather than suffer from them? Understanding algorithms, being able to analyze them critically, grasping them and learning how to protect oneself against them are the objectives of algo-literacy, the field explored by the Crossover project in its informational dimension.

Discover the CrossOver Media and Information Literacy kits

1/ Podcast

CrossOver podcast – episode 4 “Algorithm watchers”

CrossOver podcast – episode 4 “Algorithm watchers”

Digital fact-checking – Prediction algorithms & disinformation

2/ Quiz

Quiz 4 : “Algorithm watchers”

Test your knowledge about social media platform’s algorithms with the CrossOver quizzes!