Events: CrossOver at the heart of this weekend’s debates

CrossOver will be part of two discussions this week-end in Toulouse and Antwerp!

Café Apache: Youth and Disinformation

How new media influences young people’s view of the world? Does it give a correct and complete picture?

Every day, social and online media delivers the public a sizeable portion of one-sided news, fake news and other false and misleading information. This divides our society and makes it extremely difficult to know what is true and what is not.

Are young people today more sensitive to manipulation and disinformation, or are they just more aware of the dangers? Who uses (or abuses) these media to influence their view of the world? And why?

On the Day of Youth Journalism, Apache journalist Hind Fraihi will discuss this with Amir Bachrouri, Kristien Bruggeman, and one of the members of Osei Bantu.

Note : the debate will be in Dutch. For more information, you can visit the Apache dedicated page or see the Facebook event

Follow the free debate on Saturday 23 April at 11 am in theatre TriArte (Antwerp).

Registrations are open

This Café Apache is a cooperation between Apache, StampMedia and CrossOver.

“Algo-literacy: for a chosen digital culture and less disinformation”

There is a need to restore confidence and serenity in the act of informing oneself by giving everyone the tools, the keys to the scientific process, the reference points and sources that allow us to question and verify the information when necessary.

For the CrossOver project, Divina Frau-Meigs from Savoir*Devenir will have the floor. Together with Sarah Labelle and François Pellegrini, they will confront experiences and opinions on the necessity of algo-literacy, and how it can contribute to combat disinformation.

The event takes place in Toulouse during the Rencontres de l’Esprit Critique.

Note: The round table will be in French. For more information, you can visit the Savoir*Devenir dedicated page. A recording of the session will be available soon after the event.

Join us on Friday 22 April at 2.15 pm at Diagora / Toulouse-Labège.

Registrations are open

Events: CrossOver at the heart of this weekend’s debates