Finnish far-right videos highly recommended by YouTube during the Presidential race

Finnish far-right videos highly recommended by YouTube during the Presidential race

Explore concerning trends in Youtube’s search and recommendation algorithms in the context of the 2024 Finnish Presidential election campaign. More recommendations for the far-right and right-wing candidates and a funnelling effect, steering users to a limited set of channels.

CrossOver now also monitors Mastodon

As hundreds of thousands of Twitter users are leaving the service after Elon Musk bought it, the CrossOver team decided to add another platform to its monitoring: Mastodon.

Upcoming events: where to hear from CrossOver in fall 2022

CrossOver will be presented at several webinars, conferences or discussions. Want to hear more about the project? It’s here.

Disinformation on Donbas is only a Google autocomplete away

An investigation to demonstrate how French speaking Belgians were hinted at searching for dubious sources when looking up the word “Donbass” in the Google search bar.

Online Chinese media offensive also reaches Belgium

Beijing is not pleased with a long-awaited United Nations report on human rights violations by China against the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Unresolved jihad targets Europe

The second repatriation of women and children of Islamic State (ISIS) to Belgium provokes a lot of criticism. There is a lack of understanding, mistrust and a fear of new attacks. The return is stirring up public opinion on social media, as shown by data retrieved by CrossOver.

Replay: EDMO BELUX Webinar: “An analysis of recommendation algorithms on YouTube against disinformation”

On June 9, we presented the methodology and lessons learnt from our investigation on “Are YouTube algorithms addicted to State-controlled media?”

Looking back to Apache Day!

CrossOver was at the heart of the debate on disinformation, entitled “Separating sense from nonsense” at Apache Day

Dries Van Langenhove also roams on Odysee, the ‘YouTube of the extreme right’

The video platform Odysee is gaining popularity in France and the United States. The site claims to be free from censorship and prides itself on freedom of expression.

Are YouTube Algorithms Addicted to State-Controlled Media?

Since the ban of Russia Today and Sputnik in the EU, the CrossOver project has been observing that CGTN Français, a Chinese State-run media, replaced the Russian fed content on Youtube when looking up the word “Russia”.

Event: CrossOver at EDMO Belux

On June 9th, the CrossOver project will present the results of its first investigation to the EDMO Belux network.