Finnish far-right videos highly recommended by YouTube during the Presidential race

Finnish far-right videos highly recommended by YouTube during the Presidential race

Explore concerning trends in Youtube’s search and recommendation algorithms in the context of the 2024 Finnish Presidential election campaign. More recommendations for the far-right and right-wing candidates and a funnelling effect, steering users to a limited set of channels.

Event: CrossOver at the Apache Day

On June 4, Apache Day will take place in Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Ghent with in-depth debates, a film screening and much more food for thought

Odysee monitoring and more data visualisation: the new dashboards are out

In February, we released the first version of the dashboards for the CrossOver project. This second version enhances the first one, and adds a new platform monitored: Odysee

Events: CrossOver at the heart of this weekend’s debates

CrossOver will be part of two discussions this week-end in Toulouse and Antwerp!

How does the Apache team investigate the algorithms of social media

and which messages these algorithms push under our noses?

“The Belgian ‘Freedom Convoy” is an imported product

Discover the conclusion of Apache’s first investigation based on CrossOver’s dashboard data.

How the data is presented in the dashboards

Once the data is collected in 2 different ways – through API and through user simulation, it shall be presented in an understandable way.

What methods are used for data collection

As previously stated in the blogpost “What data is collected”, the idea is to put oneself in the shoes of a Belgian user, to collect data the same way Belgian users would see it.

What data is collected in the dashboards ?

After 2 years of pandemic – and associated infodemic that spread out virulently, a lot of people have been confronted with dubious content on the internet.


EuDisinfoLab is a Belgian NGO specialised in investigative disinformation campaigns

[INTERVIEW] Check First

Check First is a Finnish software and methodologies start-up that helps journalists, citizens and policy makers fight disinformation all around the globe.